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About Ozai

Fire Lord Ozai was the tyrannical ruler of the Fire Nation, the father of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula, and the primary antagonist of the Avatar series.[1] Like every Fire Lord, Ozai was a firebending Master, and prior to the ending of the series, is believed to have been the most powerful firebender in the World of Avatar. Ozai was the younger son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah, after his older brother Iroh. He was the husband of Ursa, and by her had two children, Zuko and Azula. After Iroh's only son, Lu Ten, died, Ozai usurped his brother's birthright to the throne, in a scheme which resulted in his father's death and Ursa's banishment.

Like his father and grandfather, Ozai sought to conquer the other nations and become the supreme ruler of the world. To do this he planned to utilize Sozin's Comet to burn down the Earth Kingdom, renouncing the title of Fire Lord and declaring himself the Phoenix King, ruler of the world.[4] Before his plans could come into full effect, he was defeated by Avatar Aang, who used energybending to remove his firebending abilities forever.